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*** Arduino based Laser Tag System ***

Open Source Project

Latest information:  MilesTag Forum


This is an open source project to create a MilesTag-compatible laser tag system using the Arduino processor and language.  To contribute to this project, or just to learn more about it, please visit us on the MilesTag Forum.

The Arduino was chosen for this project due to it's popularity among hobbyists and it's powerful yet easy to learn language.  The Arduino's low cost (free) development environment makes it accessible to a much wider audience than most other microcontroller development systems.

The ArduCore project is geared toward hobbyists that are already familiar with the Arduino hardware and software.  If you do not have prior experience with Arduino, you may want to start with some simpler projects to learn the basics.




ATMega328 Processor (Arduino Uno)


LCD Display (HT44780 compatible)

ISD1790 Sound Chip datasheet
Bootloader Connector (6-pin)
Sensor Connector (4-pin)
3 Buttons (Trigger/Reload/Mode)     
Infrared LED Driver (MOSFET)
Muzzle Flash LED Driver (MOSFET)


Express PCB Software (free download)
Eagle CAD Software (free download)
Arduino IDE (free download)
ArduCore PCB Design            
Download File (Express PCB Format)
View Component Side (.png)
View Solder Side (.png)
View Silk Screen (.png)
If someone would like to convert the ArduCore PCB design to Eagle CAD format, I will post it here.
Firmware (Arduino)            
see MilesTag Forum
Mini FAQ:
Is this a replacement for the MilesTag CORE (RevH)?   No
Do you sell the ArduCore PC board or assembled module?  No
What is an Arduino?  www.arduino.cc

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