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Compatible with MilesTag CORE and uMT systems.


Use 3 TSOP infrared receivers for max coverage.

Okay to use just 1 or 2 TSOP receivers.




Parts List

2 or 3 x Vishay TSOP34856 IR receivers

1 x 100 ohm resistor, 1/4W, 5%

1 x 51 ohm resistor, 1/4W, 5%

1 x 4.7 uF electrolytic capacitor

1 x LED, 5mm "ultra-bright" (Vishay TLDR5800 or similar)


MilesTag Sensor PCB Available ONLINE STORE  $3.50

Fits up to three TSOP48XX or TSOP348XX receivers, Hit LED and power filter components.  

Fits inside domes below.  Harness wiring can enter the sensor from any side (4 connection points).  Center hole for secure mounting.

The new sensor PCBs are round shape to fit the new Domes.  Connections and parts layout are identical to the previous "octagon boards".

Made in USA

Wiring for 2-dome harness. Wiring for 3-dome harness.



Sensor Dome Available ONLINE STORE  $3.00

Protect your sensors from rain, dust, impact.

Perfect choice for any outdoor Laser Tag system, mobile field equipment and indoor arenas.  

Nearly indestructible injection-molded polycarbonate dome with cable entry slots.  Made in USA



Sensor Assembly for NEW Hi Tech Domes and PC Boards

New dome design features internal PC board mounting ridge.  This allows the PCB to be potted in place, providing a lower profile than 2-piece domes.

PC board snaps into place.  (the PC board pictured is for reference only.  The new PC board we sell is here.)

The PC board is now potted in place with clear epoxy resin.  This picture shows a "gun sensor" with machine screw installed prior to potting.

Here is the sensor PC board potted in place for a head/vest sensor harness.

An adhesive velcro patch is added for easy attachment to headbands, hats or vests.